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3rd Anniversary PT PP Properti Tbk - Bigger, Better, Bolder

December 16, 2016

PT PP Property Tbk celebrated 3rd Anniversary on 12 December 2016. The anniversary celebration held on 17 December 2016 at Marketing Office of Grand Kamala Lagoon, Bekasi. The celebration was festive with theme silver futuristic.

On the birthday celebration, PP Properti also conducted Emerald Tower Grand Kamala Lagoon Topping Off, Grand Launching of Kamala Bridge, and gave award for Marketing Award and QSHE Award.

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All projects of PT PP Properti Tbk also showed their performance in Yel-Yel Competition. 15 projects performed with creatives, energetic and full of enthusiasm.

PARK HOTEL Jakarta and PP University as one team performed Yel-Yel mixed with multimedia. Presenting their creativity with made costume from recycle paper. Concern on eco-friendly in maximizing the usage of materials, PARK HOTEL Jakarta and PP University used newspaper as their creative fashion with silver futuristic design and make up.

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PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung also performed Yel-Yel with presenting creative costume made from recycle cardboard. They were showed mannequin challenge and PPAP dance on the stage. PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung awarded as Runner Up in Yel-Yel Competition. Congratulation !

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All performances encourage us to perform better, either in working place or creative events.

With the theme PPRO 3.0 - Bigger, Better, Bolder, PP Properti was certainly to be bigger, better, and more bolder to generate innovative products.

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Happy 3rd anniversary PT PP Properti Tbk. PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung, PARK HOTEL Jakarta, and PP University proud to be part of PT PP Properti Tbk.


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