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Easter Celebration by PP Hospitality

April 29, 2018

PP Hospitality celebrated Easter by sharing love and joy with special children from Dwituna Rawinala Education Foundation (28/4). This year, the event was specially organized by PARK HOTEL Jakarta and PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung.  It was started at 8.30 am with an opening pray and followed by cheerful praise song “Hari ini Kurasa Bahagia” by all audiences. That was also one of PP Hospitality Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity that regularly held every year.


“We were excited to collaborate with friends from the Dwituna Rawinala because when we visited to meet and play with them, it was open to a new perspective that disability is not an obstacle to learn, that we must always have hope, and happiness does not come  from perfection,” said Utomo Adhi Basuki, the General Manager of PARK HOTEL Jakarta.

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Dwituna Rawinala Education Foundation is an institution that caters to the educational needs of people with neuro-trauma, a condition in which the bearer has two or more limitations, primarily on the sense of sight, founded since 1973 by Java Christian Church Activists. They believed  that everyone with disability deserve to be treated fully with love, therefore the name of Rawinala was taken because Rawinala in Java means Light of Heart, although the children cannot see with eyes but they still can see through their heart.


One of our friends there, Dewa, he is a shy teenager but he has curiosity and excitement about getting to know new persons. Dewa cannot see but he is smart and can sing beautifully when performing on this event. There was also Anton, a blind teenager, his face always looks cheerful and very good in playing keyboard. Friends in Rawinala who talented in playing music, they are regularly practice in a music class coached by an experience and very patience teacher.

Some friends at Rawinala quite independent to do their everyday tasks, such as eating, cleaning their rooms, washing dishes and getting dressed.


Easter Celebration by PP Hospitality ended with many lessons of life and positivity, this brings positive energy to PP Hospitality to spread more blessings and love with everyone around.   

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