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Employee Gathering Hospitality Team - PT. PP Properti Tbk

March 14, 2017

Hospitality team - PT PP Properti Tbk held Employee Gathering in Hulu Cai Camp, Ciawi – Bogor, on 7 – 8 March 2017 for Batch 1 and 14 – 15 March 2017 for Batch 2, followed by all employees of PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung, PARK HOTEL Jakarta, and PP University Cisarua - Bogor.

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Employee gathering held yearly as part of employee development program and strengthen the team.

This activities express gratitude of all employees for last year achievement, and aims to recharged the team work performance.

Linda Gustina, Commercial Director of PT PP Properti Tbk encouraged colleagues to keep discipline and enhanced their performance, and appreciate team work for hotel performance and team compactness.

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All employees of Hospitality team - PT PP Properti Tbk were Indonesian. They joined in team building activities to develop all elements of team work including creativity, communication, trust, and problem solving.

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Hospitality team - PT PP Properti Tbk perform their creativity with energetic and full of enthusiasm on evening gathering.

PARK HOTEL Jakarta performed band, PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung performed dance, and PP University performed pantomime.

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All performances encourage us to perform better, either in working place or creative events.

The award of the best employee of the year always announced. The candidates were the winner of the best employee of the quarter for one year.

The best employee of the year was awarded to Yuyun, Front Office for PARK HOTEL Jakarta property; Gisha, Accounting, for PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung property; and Idriz, Housekeeping, for PP University property.

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Cheerfulness, joy, and togetherness among employees expressed in this gathering.

Talent win games, but TEAMWORK and intelligence win CHAMPIONSHIPS – Michael Jordan.

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