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PP Hospitality Joined in James Gwee’s Booth Camp : Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders at Work

March 16, 2016

PP Hospitality joined in James Gwee’s Top Gun Leadership with topic Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders at Work. The event held on 16 – 17 March 2016 at Jambu Luwuk Hotel & Resort, Ciawi, Bogor. PP Hospitality participants were Utomo Adhi Basuki, Ari Septayudha, and Muliyadi.

They were developed with leadership competence, the responsibilities of a leader, the difference between a manager and a leader, and how to become a great leader.


This event conducted only once a year and held with a powerful 2 day-1 night leadership training boot camp which was specially designed to train the participants with the best leadership qualities.


In 2 days, participants divided into groups. They set their goals, solved barrier problems, achieved financial goals, hired and fired people, changed leadership and strategies, form teams to competed, conducted group meetings and immediate briefings.


Sharing & experience was one of the most valuable session of the boot camp. The participants asked questions, discussed and learnt face-to-face. This training surely developed the participants to understand how to be a great leader and they were inspired to become an effective leader when they return to work.

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