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Avoid exposure to Covid-19, PARK HOTEL Cawang - Jakarta do the action caring environment

As a form of concern for the environment, especially to face the social impact of the Covid 19 pandemics, the management of PARK HOTEL Cawang-Jakarta conducts social activities. Firstly, as many still have not used masks and the government has obliged to use masks outside the home, PARK HOTEL Cawang-Jakarta shares masks on road users, PPSU, and online drivers that cross around the HOTEL area.

Then, by making a public hand washing place that is installed in the back area of the hotel that can be used by local residents.

Also, spraying disinfectant periodically on residential areas every Thursday for 4x in a month. "We cooperate with local RW to be done disinfectant every Thursday so that the people around feel safe and comfortable" added Nugi.

"Hopefully, what the management has done to reduce the number of the spread of this virus can be felt by the community around." he concluded. This activity is a social responsibility that we have as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility program conducted periodically every quarter.

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